Media Coaching

Media coaching with Media Link can make a dramatic difference to the performance of your company’s spokesperson.

We can teach you how to not just perform better in front of cameras and journalists, we can also show you how to defuse problems avoid closed questions that could cause irreparable damage.

Media interviews are not easy. It takes a great deal of skill to get them right. If you need your spokespeople to communicate your message consistently and effectively, media training is absolutely essential.

It offers a safe environment in which to practise with real journalists, to get feedback from the experts and lessons in how to do it right.

The right media training, with experienced journalists and specialist tutors, will give your spokespeople the skills and confidence to take control of any media interview and get your message across.

Your organisation will benefit from media training if:

  • It is using or planning to use the media to build brand awareness.
  • It finds product coverage of launches or annual results misses the point.
  • It has just one spokesperson equipped to talk to journalists who is not always available.
  • It has crucial issues that you need to talk to the media about in a carefully controlled way.
  • you are paying a PR company to develop media opportunities for your business.

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